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Germania 2020 5 Mark Germania - The Flags - 1 Oz Silver Coin

Germania 2020 5 Mark Germania - The Flags - 1 Oz Silver Coin

79,00 $
"Germania" is both the Latin term for Germany, from which the current name" Germany "was changed in English, and a feminine personification of an area that was assigned to the Germanic peoples in antiquity. Germania Mint designs Germania for your Coin series somewhat more modern than one knows from paintings from the past. Compared to the earlier motifs, the Germania was disarmed for the 2020 edition and appears more confident. On its outstretched left arm the two-headed eagle lands, which is a symbol from the Roman Mythology is and should symbolize the past and the future. For a long time, the two-headed eagle was also the heraldic animal of Germany until it was decided to introduce today's federal eagle as a heraldic animal. Germania wears a laurel wreath as headdress, which was formerly a symbol and price for the Victory and success has served, thanks to the high-quality Space blue finish which adorns the background of the coin, the motif comes into its own even better because it forms a wonderful contrast.
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Weitere Informationen
Face Value 5 Mark
Weight 31.1 g / 1 Oz
Metal Silver
Fineness 999
Diameter 38.61 mm
Finish Gilded (Pink Gold), Full colour finish
Certificate Yes
Presentation Case Yes
Country Germany
Year 2020

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